Phyllis has a master's degree in Christian Education and Church Music, as well as a Doctorate in Ministry and Worship.  She has given up two promising careers to follow God on journeys that have led her to focus on the development of children affected by poverty.  She currently resides in Rochester, New York, now dubbed as one of the leading communities in child poverty with the lowest graduation rate for African American boys. That is her service to God.

After years of studying poverty for The Salvation Army, and discovering its link to education, Phyllis decided to return to the field of education. She currently works in Special Education, specifically with children who are emotionally disturbed.  "One of the best parts of working in education is the feeling that I am making a difference in the lives of children who have been disregarded and thrown away," she says.  

Working for the school system allows her to work from her home office during school breaks and summers.  From there she is working to publish the many books, articles and songs she has written over the years.  It also allows her to spend quality time with her three wonderful sons.    

Phyllis Anita Moss

Speaker, Singer, Songwriter  

​​Phyllis Moss Publishing